August 30, 2022Breast, Breast Cancer Awareness, Featured

The Sally Jobe Legacy: Janice Brenneman, MD, MSN, & Stanley Smazal, MD, FACR

Janice Brenneman, MD, MSN, & Stanley Smazal, MD, FACR, discuss the legacy and friendship of Sally Jobe. Since first meeting Sally Jobe, her passion for radiology and all that her husband did for the imaging group was evident. Watch as they talk about their own experiences with the incredible Sally Jobe. Watch here.  

June 28, 2022Breast, Breast Cancer Awareness

3D Mammography: Get the whole picture

What is 3D mammography? 3D mammography, or digital breast tomosynthesis, is an advanced technology that creates multiple thin images of the breast. These “ thin slices” allow our specialized breast Radiologists to view the breast tissue more clearly and identify abnormalities more accurately. The patient experiences very little difference when having a 3D mammogram. The […]

May 31, 2022Breast, Mammograms, Treatments

Breast Density: What it is. Why it matters.

Breast Density — What does it mean? Breasts are made of fat and glandular breast tissue. Some women have more fat than glandular breast tissue while others have more glandular tissue than fat. When there is more glandular tissue, the breast is considered dense. On a mammogram, dense tissue appears white. Since masses of lumps […]