August 24, 2021Meet Your Care Team

Meet Your Care Team: Andy Trovinger, BSRS RT (R)(MR)(CT)(CV)

An interview with Clinical Sciences Specialist Andy Trovinger, BSRS RT (R)(MR)(CT)(CV), brought out his passion for radiology. How long have you been in the radiology field? I started in 1986 and wound up getting into both CT and MRI very early on. Before I was even out of school in fact! What made you want […]

August 17, 2021Meet Your Care Team

Meet Your Care Team: Shelli Dixon, clinical science specialist

Shelli Dixon is a clinical science specialist. Learn more about her career path and why she chose Invision Sally Jobe. What made you want to get into radiology/mammography? I started out in radiology in a large Level 1 trauma hospital. I worked in OR, ER and the regular X-ray department, which I loved. But I […]