April 20, 2021Physician Perspectives

Pete Stratil, MD discusses uterine fibroid embolization

Pete Stratil, MD, discusses uterine fibroids and how the skilled team at RIA Endovascular can help women who suffer from fibroids find relief. Uterine fibroid embolization is used as an alternative to surgery to treat uterine fibroids and minimize their symptoms. Women may choose fibroid embolization over surgery for one or more of the following […]

February 16, 2021Physician Perspectives, Research

Nuclear Medicine and Your Health

Discover what you need to know about nuclear medicine when it comes to your health care. Here at Radiology Imaging Associates, we have five fellowship-trained nuclear medicine radiologists. These physicians use nuclear medicine imaging procedures to visualize the structure and function of an organ, tissue, bone or system within the body. During a nuclear medicine […]

February 2, 2021Physician Perspectives

Adam Williams, MD Explains Arthrograms

An arthrogram is an X-ray image or picture of the inside of a joint after contrast (also known as dye) is injected into the joint. This helps the radiologist better visualize soft tissue in the joint and more accurately diagnose an injury or cause of symptom. A musculoskeletal radiologist injects the contrast into the joint […]