December 29, 2020Physician Perspectives, Research

Lora Barke, DO on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Here is Lora Barke, DO answering RSNA’s questions regarding her recent research on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. What are the chief limitations of mammography? The ideal screening tool finds all the cancers and causes no false alarms- so our goal is to get as close to that ideal as we can. On regular 2D mammography, a […]

December 22, 2020Physician Perspectives

When The Doctor Becomes A Patient: My Thanks For US Health Care

Article from Paul Hsieh, MD, offers post-Thanksgiving thoughts on the US health system. It is the week after Thanksgiving, and I want to give public thanks for a good experience I recently enjoyed as a patient in the United States health care system. A few weeks ago, I developed an unusual redness and swelling […]

December 15, 2020Physician Perspectives

Tony Brown, MD (RIA Endovascular) and Michael Gallizzi, MD (OrthoONE) Collaboration

Tony Brown, MD (RIA Endovascular) and Michael Gallizzi, MD (OrthoONE) collaborate at Sky Ridge Medical Center on innovative treatments for patients with severe osteoporosis. We are honored to share this video from Sky Ridge Medical Center. So proud to work with our hospital partners in order to succeed in exceptional care.