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Why Choose Invision Sally Jobe?

Why Choose Invision Sally Jobe? We believe in seeing clearly the health, wellness and path forward for all of our patients. Whether you’re here for a routine scan, preventative procedure or a serious diagnosis, know that you have a team of accredited, field-leading experts on your side. Choose Invision Sally Jobe for: Comfort and Convenience […]

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What is a neuroradiologist?

What is a neuroradiologist? A neuroradiologist is a highly trained physician who is an important member of the diagnostic and treatment team. The neuroradiologist assists with patient care and a variety of disorders affecting the brain, spine, head and neck. At RIA, we have a team of neuroradiologists who are consulted daily by various types […]

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Radiology and You

What is a radiologist and what can they do for you? A radiologist is a type of doctor who specializes in medical imaging. Radiologists analyze the images taken by X-ray, CT, and MRI, to help diagnose, monitor, and treat various conditions or injuries. Invision Sally Jobe has recruited well-trained, motivated and innovative radiologists from the […]