written by

Luke Hoagland, MD

Dr. Luke Hoagland is a breast imaging radiologist in Denver, CO

July 19, 2022,

Luke Hoagland, MD, remembers the legacy of Sally Jobe

The loss of Sally Jobe to the RIA community, on August 25, 1996, after a year-long battle with breast cancer, was met with a desire to give it meaning. At Invision Sally Jobe, our dedication to cancer means we are constantly innovating. Our detection rates are above national rates. We are committed to utilizing new and progressive techniques for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic intervention. For example, we were the first to offer 3D mammography in the Denver area. We also participate in clinical trials to offer our patients the most current exams and procedures available for managing their health. Innovation is what we do!

And as well as the high-quality imaging that you can count on at every one of our centers, you know we are putting the patient first!