written by

Agape Hammond

February 25, 2020, ,

Mask or No Mask?

We at Invision Sally Jobe are at the forefront of our industry but we also want to know what’s going on in the world around us. With fears around transmitting viruses such as coronavirus and others, shortages of facemasks have become an issue in certain parts of the country, with nearly 96 percent of U.S. pharmacists reporting the demand has led to shortages as they wait for their shelves to get restocked. (1) With all the information going around, we want to make sure you have the latest on whether face masks are necessary or not.

Although heavy duty respirators are recommended for health care workers, these are not available to everyone. Even health care workers find them cumbersome and not everyone has access to them. Medical personnel know how to use surgical masks properly so these are the best option for them. However, the average person might not find the full benefit. Though they do protect from liquids and splashes, small airborne particles can still get through.

The benefit of wearing masks is if they are worn all the time around infected people, making sure to not reinfect the mask by touching or reusing masks. (2)

Those in the medical field need surgical masks and those in low-risk countries really don’t need to run out and buy masks. The number one recommendation by infectious disease experts, wash your hands!


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