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Taya Kevwitch

Taya Kevwitch is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Radiology Imaging Associates and Invision Sally Jobe

June 23, 2020, , ,

Welcome Back and Site Procedures

We have loved seeing all of you back at our Invision Sally Jobe imaging centers. Just a reminder of the updated procedures at all sites, these are listed below:

– Wear your cloth mask at all times while inside an Invision Sally Jobe site

– Follow social distancing practices in all areas of an Invision Sally Jobe site

– Be aware that our team will be cleaning on a continual basis throughout the day

– No visitors are permitted unless a caregiver is needed; limited to one

– No visitors will be allowed in the exam rooms at this time

– For everyone’s safety, we have removed all community items, such as magazines, to help mitigate potential cross-contamination

– Please do not leave personal items behind in the waiting area or the exam rooms

For a full list of our guidelines go to https://www.invisionsallyjobe.com/open-for-all-exams/ or call us if you have questions.