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Self-care for Parents and Students

Sep 14, 2021
Self-care for Parents and Students
Life gets complicated, let’s take a moment to breathe.

Self-Care Tips for Children, Teens, and College Students Starting School Again

You may have kids back in school. Here are some self-care tips for students that will make the upcoming school year easier for them and you.

Designate a Learning Space at Home That’s Just for Them. 

Whether returning to traditional school this year or attending virtually, it is important to designate a learning space at home that’s just for them.

We need to create habits and practices that help foster student success. Little things like establishing routines can be so helpful as students navigate the new school year.

Practice a Healthy Sleep Routine

Developing healthy sleep routines is important. We know it is important for students to be well-rested for school. Bedtime routines go out during the summer. So, it is important to get back to our sleep routine during the school year.

Learn to Be Flexible and Go With the Flow

Flexibility is of utmost importance in schools. Even though there are plans and calendars and routines, the pandemic has shown us the importance of going with the flow.

Teach Older Kids and Teens to Keep a Calendar or Planner

The return of school comes complete with an ever-growing list of things to do. Part of teaching kids to be responsible is teaching them to keep a calendar or planner. Doing this helps them take responsibility for the tasks and assignments they have.

Encourage Open and Honest Conversation

One of the best things we can do for our children as they prepare to return to school is to encourage them to communicate openly and honestly. It’s easy to talk to kids about fun things, but when it comes to having tough conversations with your teens, it can be a little more challenging. Have conversations with them about their feelings.

Self-Care Tips for Parents With School-Aged Kids

It’s not just the students who need some self-care. Parents can also be nervous about their kids being in school, sports and making friends. Here are some self-care ideas that can keep some of that stress away.

Start Your Day With Journaling, Exercise or Quiet Time

With school, work and all the other responsibilities of life, days start out on a run. Make sure to take a moment of quiet time for yourself before the race begins. A few moments of reflection that make the day start out in a calm way make all the difference.

Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment in Your Bedroom

Getting a good night’s sleep can help us be better prepared to deal with the stress that comes with the beginning of the school year, and it will create a good model for our children to follow as they deal with their own anxieties related to going back to school. Getting a good night’s rest is the cure for many ailments.

Take a Quiet Walk After Dinner

Just like getting a good night’s sleep, taking walks is a great way to deal with stress. Even a brisk 30-minute walk can help relax your mind and give you some peace about your children going back to school. Also, if you are a pet lover, you may find peace in spending time with your pet to help you focus on something other than whatever is causing you that extra stress.

Prep School Lunches Ahead of Time to Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

Get lunch ready at the beginning of the week so you don’t have to think about it. Buy those snacks and sports drinks for the big kids and their games. Let’s get as prepared as possible so that we aren’t rushing around at the last minute. Enough stuff happens without the worries of school lunches.

As for dinner, prep as much as possible on the weekend. Make meals ahead of time if possible. Most of all, don’t beat yourself up if you order pizza on Thursday night, because we can set goals, but self-care means sometimes we order in.

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