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Mammography services offered in Aurora, Greenwood Village, Golden, Littleton, Lone Tree, Parker, Denver and Englewood, CO


About Mammography

Invision Sally Jobe offers comprehensive breast imaging at many of its locations. Invision Sally Jobe offers screening mammography in Denver at Presbyterian St. Luke's, Littleton, Southwest Littleton, Golden, Parker, Greenwood Village, and Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colorado. Of those locations, Invision Sally Jobe has three sites that are dedicated only to women and breast imaging, and can be found in Greenwood Village, Denver, and Lone Tree. The team is dedicated to providing a comfortable and compassionate experience for every patient. With advanced technology and a commitment to precision, they prioritize your health and well-being. Call the Invision Sally Jobe Patient Access Team at 720-493-3700 to schedule a mammogram today.

Mammography Q&A

What is mammography?

Mammography is a vital breast cancer screening and diagnosis tool. It uses low-dose X-rays to take digital breast images. Most breast abnormalities aren’t cancer, but radiological assessment is essential for a proper diagnosis.

Screening mammography finds abnormalities early, identifying lumps up to two years before they’re large enough to feel. Diagnostic mammography inspects screening mammogram abnormalities and those discovered during breast exams.

All Invision Sally Jobe breast imaging facilities are American College of Radiology (ACR) Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence. Each is also a National Quality Measures for Breast Centers® (NQMBC) Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence™. Invision Sally Jobe is the only breast network in the Denver metro area with this distinction.

What are baseline mammograms?

Every woman’s breasts differ, so radiologists use baseline mammograms to determine what’s normal for each patient and as comparisons for later procedures to ensure optimal accuracy.

Patients without baseline mammograms may require extra views, follow-up exams, and breast biopsies.

What are the screening mammogram recommendations?

The American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, and American College of Radiology recommend that women have annual screening mammograms from 40. If your breast cancer risk is high, you should begin yearly mammograms sooner.

Breast cancer risk factors include:

  • Personal breast cancer history
  • Carrying the breast cancer gene
  • Mother or sister with premenopausal breast cancer
  • Previous biopsy with high-risk lesion
  • Previous lymphoma chest radiation

Every Invision Sally Jobe breast imaging patient receives a personalized breast cancer risk assessment. You may benefit from a breast MRI or ultrasound and a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional if you have breast cancer risk factors. Genetic counselors are also available to support you.

Why is screening mammography important?

Mammograms don’t prevent breast cancer, but they help find it much sooner. Early detection significantly improves outcomes, with five-year survival rates exceeding 95%.

Finding breast cancer early also gives you more treatment choices to prevent breast loss.

What can I expect during my mammogram?

Invision Sally Jobe’s technologist positions your breast on a platform and then compresses it with a paddle, evening out the tissue for clearer results. They take two views of each breast during screening mammograms and more for diagnostic mammograms.

Screening mammograms last about 10 minutes. Diagnostic mammograms take up to 30 minutes. You can continue your normal activities afterward.

Breast radiologists typically interpret mammogram images within 24 hours and then send your doctor a report. If they notice any abnormalities, they call you within three days.

Invision Sally Jobe recommends patients visit the American College of Radiology’s comprehensive Mammography Saves Lives® site for more information.

At Invision Sally Jobe, the team is committed to your well-being and strives to make the mammogram experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Don’t wait any longer to get a breast cancer screening. Call Invision Sally Jobe at 720-493-3700 to schedule your mammogram today!