June 28, 2022Breast, Breast Cancer Awareness

3D Mammography: Get the whole picture

What is 3D mammography? 3D mammography, or digital breast tomosynthesis, is an advanced technology that creates multiple thin images of the breast. These “ thin slices” allow our specialized breast Radiologists to view the breast tissue more clearly and identify abnormalities more accurately. The patient experiences very little difference when having a 3D mammogram. The […]

June 21, 2022Physician Perspectives

Paul Hsieh, MD: The Bernoulli Effect On Patients

How The Bernoulli Effect Can Help Patients And Physicians – Paul Hsieh, Contributor May 31, 2022 Like millions of others, I was delighted by this excellent short video by high school science teacher “Wolf_science” explaining how to use the Bernoulli effect to blow up a giant plastic bag with just one breath. If you haven’t […]

June 14, 2022Featured, Physician Perspectives

Jan Brenneman, MD, MSN on the Sally Jobe Legacy

What makes a legacy? At Invision Sally Jobe, it is that every person who walks through our doors is treated with compassion and care. That is what our imaging centers were founded on and live up to today. And, that is what makes us the recognized leader in the industry.