May 16, 2019Featured

At-home DNA tests: Fun gift idea, but not great for knowing your health.

Maybe you want to confirm Great Uncle Albert’s version of family history, or perhaps you’re curious why you’re the only one in your family with red hair. Whatever the reason you’re interested, at-home DNA tests are wildly popular and widely available. Now, in addition to concerns about privacy, you may want to consider the harm […]

May 15, 2019Featured, Guest Blog, Healthcare

Guest Blog: The fight against the #1 cancer killer

Occasionally, Invision Sally Jobe likes to share posts from various experts in the healthcare community. This week, we feature a post from Ellen Penrod, Executive Director of the American Lung Association in Colorado. It’s a fact: lung cancer kills more people than breast, colon and pancreatic combined. Every five minutes in the U.S., a woman […]

May 9, 2019Breast, Featured, Mammograms

Think you age out of mammograms? A new study suggests you may not need to.

Mammography remains an effective method for breast cancer screening, with the addition of tomosynthesis, or 3D Mammography, improving screening performances even more, according to a study published in the journal Radiology. Breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second most common cause of death from cancer among women in the United States. Traditional mammography […]